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About Us

How did we begin ?

What’s common between a pie, time, and a football. They all come in full circle, what goes around comes around, just like your older sibling’s clothes. What has gone through the endgame for someone could potentially be a new beginning for someone else. Globally, we’re living in times where consumption is faster than production, which leads to wastes, that eventually leads to landfills, which kind of eats up our land space.

Cutting to the chase, we realised that the negative impact e-waste has on the environment could be reduced and neutralised by stimulating the economy when we choose to reuse it like any other commodity we do in our lives. What could be old for you, could be new for someone else.

Imagine a time when you wanted to buy the latest model of your phone but experienced a short of money, in these times, buying a refurbished, pre-owned, or unboxed phone would be the right decision.

In a price-sensitive country like India, where annually 1.5lakh tonnes e-waste is generated, cost is the reason why millions of households do not have a mobile phone or personal computer. Availability of refurbished electronic goods, at affordable prices, might help increase these numbers

Refurbished products are goods that are returned to manufacturers or vendors for innumerable reasons that are then tested for quality, functionality, and defects, before they are sold or released in the markets. It is just like buying a certified pre-owned car, but here we are currently focused on electronics.


What do we do ?

Gudappliances buys used electronic items, returned phones, unboxed and end of life (eol) products and refurbishes them in their factory. The used products go through a 36-point check, which is a set of processes to ensure quality, before they are packaged and sold to customers through our retail outlets and website.

Gudappliances certifies and offers an assured warranty of three months to six months on the refurbished devices after conducting close to two dozen tests that includes testing the

  • Display & Touch
  • Speaker & Microphone
  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • Ports and Buttons
  • Camera
  • Hardware test

and other essential parts of the electronic items. All these devices are sold at less than 40 percent lesser price than our brand new counterparts.

Where we are today ?

Today, we are a strong team that ensures every electronic item is made available to you at an unbeatable price. Equipped with 100 plus certified mobile engineers operating in a 20000 sq.ft repairing unit, we have processed more than 100 thousands mobiles and laptops and brought satisfaction and smile on to consumers face. We retail over more than 100 smartphone brands across India through our channel partners and webstore.

The ethos of business culture

Our Vision

To constantly add intrinsic value for our customers – in terms of sales, purchases & services. We also benchmark & revolutionise industry standards and build a customer agnostic business. We have a clear and reliable point of sales, purchase and/or service for all your devices – in-store and online.

Our Mission

To be a qualitative service provider and a fair price procurement purchaser of used devices, a benchmarked ethical device repair provider, and be a one stop solution for sale of quality certified-used devices in the market space.

Our Values

To work with fair pricing standards and best of market rates as far as possible. We strive to have ethics to the highest moral fibre in all our business practices Also we never compromise on quality at all times because quality is the true differentiating factor.

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